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Christmas Tree Care Tips
Join Lindsay Holladay as she gives us tips for selecting a tree and keeping it fresh all season long.

Poinsettia Care
Visit Dr. George Wulster at the Floriculture Research Greenhouse as he reveals new poinsettia cultivars and tips to keep them healthy.

Asian Radish
Find out more about this delicious ethnic vegetable.

Austrian Pine
Research the troubling concerns with the Austrian Pine.

Sound Horticulture
Learn how to use sound horticultural techniques to reduce problems in your vegetable garden.

Ethnic Vegetables

Lawn Care for Drought Conditions
Join Bill Hlubik as he demonstrates what steps you can take to protect your lawn during a drought.

Using Mulch to Assist Your Plants in Drought Conditions
Somerset County A agent Nick Polanin demonstrates how to reduce water usage with the use of mulches.

Using Recycled Water to Assist Your Plants During Drought Conditions
Learn creative ways to recycle water and help reduce water usage.

Star Staking
Visit Longwood Gardens and learn the star method of staking flowers.

Apple Insects and Diseases
Join Bill Tietjen as he describes some common apple diseases and insect problems.

A Call to Action: The Asian Longhorn Beetle
Video on the Asian Longhorn Beetle, The beetleā€™s lifecycle, and how to identify infestation.

Tree Planting
Bill Hlubik and Rich Weidman demonstrate how to properly plant a tree.

Early Blooming Spring Plants
Video of Early Blooming Spring Plants

Pruning Tips
Early spring pruning tips for shrubs

Cedar Apple Rust Disease
Join Jim Willmott as he explains the detrimental effects of this disease, and a solutions for its cure.