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Classic Herb Vinaigrette

Vinegars used for dressings, salads or marinades include: apple cider; red wine;
White wine; rice.

Vinegars use for pickling include: apple cider; white distilled.

Vinegar used for decorative vinegar: white distilled.

Herbs – Fresh from the garden or the store include: Basil; Chives (leaves and
Flowers); Dill; Oregano; Rosemary; Sweet Bay; Tarragon; Thyme.

Spices which can be used with the herbs: whole black peppercorns; celery seed;
Hot peppers; mustard seed.

Bottles or jars: 8 oz. or 32 oz.

Fresh Basil Vinegar

32 oz. clean bottle
32oz. apple cider vinegar
tablespoons whole black peppercorns
tablespoon celery seed
5-7 Long stems of fresh green basil


Using a funnel, add the peppercorns and celery seed to the bottle. Pick off the basil
Leaves, curl them and add to the bottle until they fill 1/3 to ½ of it. Carefully, pour
The vinegar into the bottle using a funnel. Rotate the bottle occasionally to mix. Add
The remaining vinegar to the top. Close the cap and place on a counter. Once a week,
Gently rotate or shake the bottle to blend the ingredients..

Taste after 2 months to see if the flavor is just right. It is important to
Strain the vinegar by placing cheesecloth or paper towels into a fine mesh colander
Which sits in a deep bowl. Slowly pour the vinegar into the colander letting it drain
Through the cheesecloth. Lift out the leaves and spices. Pour the flavored vinegar into
A clean bottle. You can add a small stem of fresh basil leaves to use as a marker and to
Make the bottle look more interesting.