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Mammoth Basil

(Ocimum basilicum crispum)

Mammoth (Ocimum basilicum crispum “Mostruoso”) grows 16-20” and produces 4”+ crinkled green leaves and white flowers.

Strong and sweet, but not bitter. Good for stuffing and for long Cooking.

Basil requires at least 6 hours of direct sunlight and a rich, well-drained
Soil. Fertilize 2-3 times during active growth (when leaves are harvested)
Water plants weekly during dry spells. Keep water off the leaves to
Reduce fungal diseases. A 1” mulch is beneficial.

Basil is a tender annual that should be planted after all danger of frost.
This herb declines when temperatures go below 50 F. It can be
Grown in the garden as well as in pots and containers.

Begin pinching leaves when six sets of leaves have formed for culinary
Use and to promote branching. By late June, flowering may begin.
Remove the flower spikes to encourage more leaf production. Young
Leaves are more tender and tasty than older leaves, but all leaves can be

Mammoth Basil