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Trees & Shrubs
- Monitor for overwintering egg masses of tent caterpillar and gypsy moth and remove them.
- Prune out storm damaged branches and make a clean cut at branch bark collar.
- Dormant Oil sprays can be applied for insect control as long as the temperature is above 40 degrees.
- If plant antidesiccants were applied in the fall, it may be time for another application. Flowers & herbaceous perennials, biennials, annuals
- Rodent control is important to minimizing damage to root systems.
- Make sure existing beds of herbaceous perennials and biennials are labeled to minimize damage when digging this spring.
- Finalize seed orders as soon as possible to insure you receive your favorite varieties. Lawns
- Avoid heavy traffic over lawns at this time.
- Plan for early spring spot seeding or overseeding Vegetable Garden
- Make sure all tools are clean for the spring season.
- Mulch protected vegetables like parsnips and turnips are wonderful additions to stews and soups
- Mulch overwintering herbs and vegetables with a few inches of salt hay, straw or other organic mulches.
- Finalize seed orders as soon as possible
- Begin sowing indoors early season vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, lettuce and cauliflower. Indoor Plants
- Continue to monitor plants for insects or diseases.
- Use tepid water to water plants.
- Begin to fertilize plants as they show signs of increased growth.
- Maintain or increase humidity by using a humidifier or open trays of water.
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