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Trees and Shrubs
- Transplant or plant trees and shrubs
- thin bark plants and broadleaf evergreens are best planted in the spring
- Excellent time for a soil test and apply amendments
- Still time to apply dormant oils to control scales, adelgids, mites and other piercing-sucking pests
- Look for berry producing plants like dogwood, cotoneaster, American beautyberry, fragrant sumac, Rugosa rose, and firethorn
- Always prune out dead or diseased plant tissue

Herbaceous Perennials, Biennials, Annuals
- Perennial plants in bloom include mums, New England aster, and sedums
- Foxglove and Money plant, biennials, established this year will bloom next year
- Annuals not tolerant of early frosts include impatiens, begonias, and salvia (annual)
- If there is a killing frost, dig up tender perennials like Dahlias, Cannas, and Gladiolus
- Do not cut off flower heads on ornamental grasses; retain them for winter interest

Vegetable Garden
- If there are no cool-season vegetables planted, fall garden clean up is recommended which includes planting a cover crop
- Cool season vegetables include spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and kale
- Visit your local farm market for Jersey Fresh vegetables and fruit
- Add soil amendments now for the spring planting season
- Pick-Your-Own pumpkin at a local farmstand
- Add leaves and other organic materials to your compost pile

- Time is running out for lawn renovation - dethatching, aeration, and seeding
- If there is a thick leaf layer, rake the leaves prior to mowing
- Continue cutting the grass 2-3 inches high
- Watch for cool season diseases such as rust, red thread, and necrotic ring spot
- Best time to apply herbicides for control of dandelion

- Watch for nuisance pests like boxelder bug and ladybird beetles - just vacuum or collect them and let them go outdoors
- Winged ants and termites will swarm once again
- Move in tender plants indoors but monitor for potential insect problems
- Fruit flies are common, but by minimizing exposed fruits and vegetables will help to control the problem

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